Sunday, August 4, 2013

Colorado Adds 15 New Half Marathons over the Past Year PLUS an Ironman - Leading the Way as one of the top 3 Half Marathon Growth States

Every year, our staff at analyzes the growth of half marathons in the United States.  We recently completed our annual calculations and report Colorado as being one of the top 3 growth states for half marathons over the past year, following California, which usually leads the growth rate year after year due to the state size and population, and a significant year for Oregon as well, leading with 21 half marathon additions to last years total.  Colorado added 15 half marathons since last August 2012, and I'm aware of several more coming.  ALSO, Boulder added a new full Ironman!  It is with no doubt, the beautiful scenery in Colorado attracts both tourists and active residents to these awesome events.  Half marathons and other active events like Ironman also bring revenue to small towns and cities, which can be great for businesses. Great job Colorado for leading the way in the Active Community!!!

California Half Marathons  - over 50 half marathons added
Oregon Half Marathons - 21 half marathons added
Colorado Half Marathons - 15 half marathons added
Michigan Half Marathons - 12 half marathons added
Virginia Half Marathons - 12 half marathons added
Missouri Half Marathons - 11 half marathons added
Washington Half Marathons - 10 half marathons added
Tennessee Half Marathons - 6 half marathons added
Nebraska Half Marathons - 5 half marathons added
Arkansas Half Marathons - 5 half marathons added

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