Thursday, October 6, 2016

100 Half Marathons - Club Challenge of Fifty States Half Marathon Club - Colorado Running Clubs

Colorado half marathon runners and walkers!  Join a great club with lots of challenges to work on, as well as lots of discounts and great members.  Many half marathon runners and walkers out there can’t alway afford to travel around to all 50 states.  The 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ is a perfect alternative!  Join Fifty States Half Marathon Club and work toward your 100 half marathons, and take your time on the other challenges.  All members can work toward all the challenges.

Fifty States Half Marathon Club hosts a big annual meet up in a new state every year, which includes the big annual awards night for all the club members that finish a challenge.  From the 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ to the 50 States Half Marathon Challenge™, or 50 States Endurance Challenge™, runners and walkers will enjoy a great group of members, with lots of opportunity to meet members at races.  Paint your journey on the cool 100 Half Marathons shirts, designed by Fifty States Half Marathon Club, or the map back design as you work toward 50 states.

Additionally, there is the 500 Endurance Challenge™, the 7 Continents Endurance Challenge™, and the new Canada 10 Provinces Half Marathon Challenge™.  A description of each challenge can be found at the official website of Fifty States Half Marathon Club.

Beautiful, classy awards when you finish a challenge!

Join the club and start working toward your 100 half marathons, or 50 states, at

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Steamboat Stinger Half Marathon in Steamboat Springs Colorado

The August 14th, 2016 Steamboat Stinger Half marathon in Steamboat Springs, CO is a challenging backcountry trail singletrack half marathon course.  This appears to be a no frills trail running event.  There is no mention on the website of a finisher medal, no mention of a race shirt, no mention of any post race food, so with the lack of information on their website, I'd expect nothing and just go have a great trail run with great singletrack and great scenery.  The elevation of Steamboat Springs is 6732' ft.  For a direct link to event, visit the Colorado Half Marathons calendar page.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Mt Sneffels Half Marathon in Ouray Colorado

The August 13th 2016 Mt Sneffels Half Marathon in Ouray, CO is a downhill point to point course, extremely scenic half marathon running along the Uncompahgre River on a dirt road.  Tech shirt and race hat for all, and a finisher medal as well.  Very walker friendly and welcoming.  Ouray, Colorado is at 7700' ft elevation, and is a beautiful area to travel to, as well as a great destination for hiking and biking.  For a direct link to event, visit the Colorado Half Marathons Calendar page.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon in Colorado

The August 13th, 2016 Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon is a downhill point to point course, starting at approximately 8500' ft elevation in Georgetown, CO, and finishing at around 7500' ft elevation in Idaho Springs, CO.  Tech shirt, no frills medal, and a post race beer at the finish hosted by West Bound & Down Brewing Company.  Walkers are welcome, but not promised any post race amenities past 3 hours, by the event sponsors.  For a direct link to event, visit the Colorado Half Marathon Calendar page.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beaver Creek Half Marathon in Colorado

The August 7th, 2016 Beaver Creek Half Marathon in Beaver Creek, CO is a moderately challenging trail half marathon with 1400' elevation gain, but not extremely technical.  The course is a combination of single track and dirt road trail.  It's a fun course with a decent amount of shade throughout the course.  Always a nice post race, with good food.  Fantastic race organization with well run events. For a direct link to event, visit the Colorado Half Marathons page.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hunky Dory Half Marathon in Breckenridge Colorado

The August 6th, 2016 Hunky Dory Half Marathon in Breckenridge, CO is a small, scenic, trail half marathon, limited to 200 participants, starting at Vista Point Park, approximately 9600' elevation. Race t-shirt included, as well as a post race lunch.  For a direct link, visit the Colorado Half Marathons page.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Rocky Mountain Half Marathon in Estes Park Colorado

The July 30th, 2016 Rocky Mountain Half Marathon is a beautiful scenic course, with mountainous views, approximately 3 to 4 miles of uphill throughout the course, but the views will be worth it.  The course is a mixture of paved roads and paved paths, which includes a nice waterfront portion around Lake Estes.  The course is walker friendly with a 4 hour time limit.  No post race food other than the typical post race replenishers (a banana and chocolate milk for each runner). This half marathon is a cup-free event; hence, participants will need to carry a water bottle or a hydrapouch.   For a direct link to event, visit the Colorado half marathons page.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Black Hawk Trail Half Marathon in Colorado

The July 31st, 2016 Black Hawk Trail 1/2 Marathon just outside of Black Hawk, CO is a challenging, but exceptionally scenic trail course, held at Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  Fabulous race organization and well run events.  Tons of climbing and very technical trail running course, with 2900 elevation gain throughout the course, with course starting at around 8537' ft elevation.  ERS (Endurance Race Series), always does a good job of having some sort of good food at the finish as well. For a direct link to event, visit the Colorado Half Marathon Calendar page.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fort Collins Human Race

The July 30th, 2016 Fort Collins Human Race Half Marathon is a scenic half marathon through the streets of Fort Collins, and winding along the Poudre Bike Trail along the river, with lots of shade. A fabulous race for runners with fantastic race organizers, but non-walker friendly race to the extreme, and a time limit that excludes back of the pack joggers, with a 3 hour time limit, restricting runners to a maximum 13:44 time limit per mile pace. Yikes!  Maybe in my younger days.  Great post race party with a pancake breakfast and Odell Brewing Beer Garden.  For a direct link, visit the Colorado Half Marathons page.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Race Review for Half Marathons in Colorado

Do you have a race review for a half marathon in Colorado?  If so, feel free to submit a half marathon review for consideration!   Here are some great topics runners like to read about in your half marathon review:

Was the race well organized?  Packet pick up, expo, start time, timing, support?

Did this race have an expo, or just a small packet pickup?

Were enough volunteers recruited? How was on course support?  Enough food?  Enough water?

How was the post race party?  Good food? Music?  Enough food?  Enough refreshments & recovery food or drinks? Describe.

How was the medal? below average? average? excellent?  beyond excellent, pretty cool?
Do you have a photo to share of your bling to include?

How was the swag?  Any awesome swag?  Brand of shirt?

How was the cost of the race compared to most half marathons?  about average, a great deal, way too expensive for the swag, bling and support that was provided, well worth the cost for the swag, bling, post race party and support received?

Was this a small race, a medium sized race, or large race?

Was the course scenic?  What was the highlight of the course (or highlights of the course)?
What made the course fun (or totally boring)?
Do you have any good scenic course photos to send us?

Describe the course.  Was it flat?  Rollers the whole way?  Flat with one big monster hill?  All up?  All down?  All up then all down? etc.  Was it shaded?  Trees, dessert, mountainous, city streets, all neighborhoods, through a park, etc?

We love to hear from our half marathon runners about all the half marathon races out there that you love, like, or didn't care for, and appreciate your feedback.  We may share your review in multiple locations such as our half marathon blogs, or possibly even on  You can ask to be published anonymously if you'd like, but we do need your information in order to publish.

Happy Running!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Colorado going into 2015 with About 112 Official Half Marathons

Over the past year, Colorado has had at least one half marathon discontinued, but new ones keep coming! A couple new half marathons have already been added to the half marathon calendar for 2015, including a new trail half marathon, and a new road half marathon kicking off in Denver. The Colorado half marathon calendar is going into the new year with approximately 112 official half marathon distance events.  Official half marathon events are 13.1 mile or 21k distance events.

Search here for Colorado Half Marathons 2015

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Half Marathon Growth and Community - 2015 Annual Awards to be Held in Colorado

Half Marathons continue to grow around the globe and across the USA.  The current totals of half marathons in the USA equal well over 2000 events, with recent industry leaders’ claims of close to 2 million half marathon finishers over the past year. The number of half marathon events, and the number of finishers continue to increase annually.  In Colorado alone, there are over 100 half marathons!  The 13.1 mile distance is perfect for the traveler, allowing the ability to enjoy a weekend destination with little recovery time, contrary to the full marathon distance.

In 2008, Fifty States Half Marathon running club was founded, and has now grown to become a central bonding ground for bringing half marathon runners together from all over the USA, and even some from other countries. The club also has members from Canada, and as far away as UAE. The club features over 300 running event discounts (mostly half marathons), and a fabulous high end gold cup trophy for members who finish a 50 states journey, or 100 half marathons.  The challenges also allow for ironman distance and half ironman distance triathlons to count in totals of various challenges.  The 500 endurance challenge and a 7 Continents endurance Challenge was added as well over the past year, an enticer to go above and beyond 50 states or 100 halfs.  Members meet up for dinner and race photos all over the USA throughout the year, and enjoy an unprecedented camaraderie!  The bonds of the members seem to get stronger every year, and more keep joining due to the positive energy the club and members spark amongst others!  The annual meet up and awards, which is held in a new destination every year, has also been an exciting event.  Members drive and fly in from all over to see one another, celebrate membership and awards for challenge finishers, and enjoy a weekend of socializing.  The half marathon group is a welcoming organization with both walkers and runners of all abilities, and is a fabulous running club to meet other likeminded individuals, from some just normal everyday folks, to some with amazing inspirational stories of overcoming adversity.

In 2015, Fifty 50 States Half Marathon Club will hold their annual meet up event at Kooky Spooky Half Marathon in Golden, Colorado (a suburb west of Denver), with expectations of close to 200 members attending. Join the club and mark this Colorado event on your calendar! The weekend will consist of a planned light group hike up the scenic Table Mountain, social night of mingling, a Coors Brewery tour, an evening of dinner and awards to be presented to all the 50 States and 100 Half finishers, a race day with mingling at post race tent upon finishing half the half marathon, and another final social gathering the last evening of the weekend.  Join the challenge and a great half marathon group!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Colorado Half Marathons is on Facebook

Colorado Half Marathons is on Facebook.  Come on over and "Like" Colorado Half Marathons on Facebook!  Another place to stay up to date on information regarding half marathons in Colorado, such as inaugural races, discounts, upcoming Colorado halfs and sometimes descriptions of half marathon events in Colorado, and more.  Plus, interact with other Colorado half marathon runners with your posts as well.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Prairie Dog Half Marathons - One for Every Season

Prairie Dog Half Marathons have a 1/2 marathon for every season in 2014.  The Arctic Prairie Dog Half Marathon has come and gone for 2014, but has already announced a 2015 half marathon date of 1/18/2015!  Next up, comes the 'Spring Time' Prairie Dog Half, set to take place April 13, 2014 in Arvada, Colorado.  The 'Summer Time' Prairie Dog Half will take place in July, and the 'Autumn' Prairie Dog Half will wrap up their half marathon season in September.

Additionally, Fifty States Half Marathon Club members receive 15% off each of the 4 half marathons in the series.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Inaugural Fort Collins Trail Half Marathon Kicking off in Colorado

Another Inaugural half marathon kicking off in Colorado!  Fort Collins Trail Half Marathon was just recently added to the Colorado Half Marathon Calendar, set to take place April 26, 2014.  This half marathon is not quite a true "trail half marathon", as it is 90% dirt road and 10% single track, with a difficulty level at about 3 out of 10, so a nice half for those maybe wanting to get their feet wet with trail running.  This race is put on by the Endurance Race Series.

Click here to view ALL 2014 Colorado Half Marathons

Monday, January 20, 2014

Heart & Sole Half Marathon Moves to Downtown Boulder and a June Date

More changes for the race community in Boulder for 2014.  In addition to the Boulder Ironman 70.3 triathlon being moved to June, along with the new full Ironman Boulder kicking off in 2014, the Heart & Sole Half Marathon has moved their race to downtown Boulder location, in addition to moving their event date to the month of June.  This means more hectic parking arrangements for runners, and more competition for the Heart & Sole event with other popular half marathons in Colorado being held the same weekend.  The popular Slacker Half Marathon in Georgetown, Winter Park Half Marathon, Castle Rock Half Marathon, and Epic Mountain Challenge Half Marathon in Pagosa Springs, all fall on the same weekend as Heart & Sole.  The positive aspect of the change could mean it may draw in more local "in town" residents to run, in retrospect to distracting the out of towners who don't care to deal with the nightmare parking arrangement, similar to the Boulder Boulder event, which surprisingly still draws in a great amount of runners.  The other big plus for Heart & Sole is the race is very walker friendly, allowing 4 hours and 50 minutes of fully supported aid stations and traffic control, which will be a big advantage. The half marathon walking community is growing quickly and can always be a great way to attract larger participation numbers to an event.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Colorado Surpasses 100 Half Marathons and Has Largest Growth of Any State in the USA

Colorado surpasses a total of 100 half marathons, and appears to have had the fastest growth in half marathon additions over the past year of any state in the United States.  After evaluation, totals appear to reflect Colorado even surpassed total growth over Texas and California, of total half marathons added over the past year!  With Colorado being such an active community, it is no surprise when it comes to growth in running events amongst the giant playground of trails and mountains in Colorado.

The most up to date, complete and accurate listing of Colorado half marathons on the web is the half marathon calendar, featuring search by state and search by month capabilities. The calendar of Colorado half marathons also features a symbol for trail running half marathon events, and has been working on implementing walker friendly symbols throughout the calendar, which will continue to roll out through 2014. The walker friendly races adhere to the new standard in the half marathon industry, supporting a 4 hour / 18:32 minute mile minimum to be officially considered walker friendly.  The races must be fully supported the full minimum of 4 hours, including the same road support and aid station support that the fast runners receive, to be “official walker friendly”.  Colorado is also leading the way with the biggest ratio of half marathons stepping up to support the walker friendly community and is currently one of the top states with walker friendly half marathons, including the trail running community!

Trail running half marathons have definitely been a popular addition to the growth of Colorado half marathons, which may be one of the leading factors in the increase.  Colorado is a popular destination for locals, as well as tourists, to take on some of the most challenging trail events.  Over the past year The Endurance Race Series, Colorado’s largest trail running series, added numerous trail half marathons to Colorado, and are also a supporter of the walker friendly community.  The Endurance Race Series offers several of the easiest trail half marathons, to the most mountainous, difficult, beautiful and brutal trail half marathons.  There are far too many great trail half marathons to list, but the trail symbol can help runners easily identify which half marathons are a trail event at

Colorado offers a range of flat city half marathons, to the most scenic mountain half marathons, in addition to quite a few very popular downhill half marathons in the mountains, some even within an hour drive of Denver. From the big annual Rock’n’Roll Denver, to some of the best run small to mid-size half marathons in Colorado communities, Colorado is gaining attention as a popular half marathon vacation land, even amongst clubs like Fifty States Half Marathon Club and its members.  In September or October of 2015, Fifty States Half Marathon Club is holding its annual member meet up and awards in the Denver / Boulder region at a “to be determined” half marathon event, and expects to have a turn-out of likely at least 200 of it’s members from all over the United States.  Colorado half marathon community is only starting to heat up!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Colorado Half Marathons 2014 - Colorado Half Marathon Calendar

Just a note to our readers, letting everyone know Colorado half marathons are up to date for 2014 at the Half Marathon Calendar!

Search for half marathons by state OR search for a half marathon by month.

The half marathon calendar is managed by Fifty States Half Marathon Club and is a free resource to the public.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Colorado Walker Friendly Half Marathons

Half Marathon walking is a growing sector of the half marathon community and we would like to show support by identifying half marathon events that are "walker friendly." Colorado Half Marathon Calendar is currently updating the calendar to now show "Walker Friendly" half marathons for all of Colorado. Half Marathon Calendar has set a new industry standard of 4 hours minimum to be considered officially "walker friendly" for a road half marathon, and 5 hours minimum for a trail half marathon.

If you know of an event that allows at least 4 hours to complete their half marathon event, please reach out to us and let us know and we will add a "W" next to their event. Contact our Half Marathon Calendar staff

If you are truly trying to fully support the walking community, I suggest allowing 4 hours 15 min to 4 hours 30 min to really attract the Half Marathon Walkers to your event, and this means that your aid stations stay open and stocked until that very last walker passes through the aid station.

I think it's great that the Half Marathon walker community has been growing.  There are so many people that can't jog or run any longer due to injury or knee issues, or other complications, or simply just don't enjoy running, and I commend them for still getting out there and becoming such a growing share of the half marathon community.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Colorado Adds 15 New Half Marathons over the Past Year PLUS an Ironman - Leading the Way as one of the top 3 Half Marathon Growth States

Every year, our staff at analyzes the growth of half marathons in the United States.  We recently completed our annual calculations and report Colorado as being one of the top 3 growth states for half marathons over the past year, following California, which usually leads the growth rate year after year due to the state size and population, and a significant year for Oregon as well, leading with 21 half marathon additions to last years total.  Colorado added 15 half marathons since last August 2012, and I'm aware of several more coming.  ALSO, Boulder added a new full Ironman!  It is with no doubt, the beautiful scenery in Colorado attracts both tourists and active residents to these awesome events.  Half marathons and other active events like Ironman also bring revenue to small towns and cities, which can be great for businesses. Great job Colorado for leading the way in the Active Community!!!

California Half Marathons  - over 50 half marathons added
Oregon Half Marathons - 21 half marathons added
Colorado Half Marathons - 15 half marathons added
Michigan Half Marathons - 12 half marathons added
Virginia Half Marathons - 12 half marathons added
Missouri Half Marathons - 11 half marathons added
Washington Half Marathons - 10 half marathons added
Tennessee Half Marathons - 6 half marathons added
Nebraska Half Marathons - 5 half marathons added
Arkansas Half Marathons - 5 half marathons added

Copyright 2013 Half Marathon Calendar

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Inaugural Prairie Dog Half Marathon Series to Kick Off in Colorado

This is the first year for the Prairie Dog Half (and 10k) and the course will cap out at 300 racers to keep the race intimate AND well run. You'll want to get in on this one, since Peedy the Prairie Dog and his collectable CUSTOM medals will be popping out of other prairie dog holes in 2014! (Westminster, Stapleton, Arvada, Colorado Springs....)

The Westminster Prairie Dog Half Marathon 2013 will be held September 21st in Westminster, Colorado (a suburb of Denver / Boulder).

Additionally, Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members will receive a half marathon discount to this event.

To view ALL Colorado half marathons, visit the Colorado Half Marathons page

Half marathons 2013 and Half Marathons 2014

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day to all you Colorado Runners

Wishing all you Colorado runners out there an extra special National Running day! Runners united like never before this year, and we are so grateful to be a part of such an awesome community full of all you awesome runners.

All the best, From your Running Friends at Fifty 50 States HALF Marathon Club and Half Marathon Calendar USA!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another INAUGURAL Half Marathon in COLORADO to take place in Rocky National Park ...

The inaugural Rocky Mountain Half Marathon is set to kick off their 1st annual this August in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  

If you register by Monday May 27th Memorial Day, you will receive a FREE Training Shirt!

Members of Fifty States Half Marathon Club receive a discount to this event!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Still Time to Register for the INAUGURAL MAY 18th Carbon Valley Half Marathon

The inaugural Carbon Valley Half Marathon is set to kick off in Firestone, Colorado on Saturday May 18th, 2013.  There is STILL TIME TO REGISTER!  The race will start and finish at Firestone's Central Park near the regional library.  The race will benefit Autism research through the Autism Treatment Network via Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation.

"Colorado at its Best - the Carbon Valley Half Marathon will showcase the beauty & diversity of Colorado's best kept secret. Nestled between Denver & Fort Collins just east of I-25, small town charm with Big City services, Firestone & Frederick are the perfect host for this 13.1 mile adventure. From Start to Finish, runners will tread upon Mining Town history via manicured trail systems, dirt paths & rural roads. Firestone's Central Park & the Firestone Trail are featured as well as running the rim of Frederick's gorgeous Milevac Lake. The entire course has spectacular views of the Rockies."

Also,  Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members receive a discount to this event

Sunday, May 5, 2013

INAUGURAL Area 13.1 Half Marathon Castle Rock this September

INAUGURAL AREA 13.1 Half Marathon Castle Rock, kicks off here in Colorado Saturday September 14th 2013!  Runners can fly into Denver International Airport (only 45 minute drive) OR Colorado Springs Airport (53 minute drive)!

AREA 13.1 is a nationwide Half Marathon Series originating in Roswell, Georgia. This is a night race; seriously when have you ever heard of aliens invading during the day?

All runners will receive an “out of this world” extraterrestrial-friendly shirt and swag bag equipped with glow in the dark tools needed to ward off those pesky aliens. Finishers will receive their very own die cast “I Escaped the Invasion” medal. Sponsor giveaways and much more. The Invaders are coming. Will you escape?

ALSO, if you are a Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member, you will receive a discount.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Colorado Half Marathon Runners, Marathoners & Triathletes - Join the Challenge!

Join in Colorado runners & triathletes, and take the Challenge!  Whether you are a half marathon runner, a full marathon runner, a half ironman triathlete or go long for the full ironman triathlons, OR like to do a little bit of all, ... we have a challenge for you!  Choose from 3 challenges .........

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Inaugural Half Marathon this June In Superior, Colorado .....

New Inaugural Skirt Sports Women's Half Marathon and co-ed 5k & 5 miler is set to kick off on Sunday June 9th, 2013!  The beautiful course runs along the majestic foothills of Boulder county.  Racers may register for various entry packages, many of which include clothing options from Skirt Sports women's line.  Celebratory post-race expo party and unique Skirt Sports finisher Skirt for the Half!


WHERE:  Superior, Colorado

AND, if you are an official Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member, there is a discount for you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recap of February Half Marathons in Colorado

Only 2 half marathons in February occurred in Colorado, the Super Half Marathon and Ralston Creek Half.

Ryan Derrick of Colorado Springs set a new overall course record at the Super Half Marathon in Colorado Springs for the Men, and Connilee Walter set a new overall course record for the women!

At Ralston Creek, Uli Bromme, from Boulder CO, took the women's overall 1st place finish, and Matt Levassiur, from Colorado Springs CO, took the Men's overall 1st place finish.

NEXT UP IN MARCH ...... there are 4 half marathons ...... Colorado Half Marathon Calendar 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Tough Colorado Trail Half Marathon on the Front Range

Are you trail runners looking for a tough trail half marathon?!  Sign up for Fear the Deer Trail 1/2 Marathon (21k), toughest trail 1/2 marathon on the front range, which will take place on Saturday May 11, 2013 in Littleton, Colorado!

There is also a discount for you if you are a member of Fifty States Half Marathon Club!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fifty States HALF Marathon Club will be at the Durango Double October 2012

Attention Runners!  Fifty States HALF Marathon Club will have a booth at the outdoor expo at the Durango Double all weekend Friday October 5th through Sunday October 7th.  Come say hi and join us at the Brewery as well!  We are really looking forward to meeting runners from all over the US and I hear there are even several international participants!  There are BOTH Trail Running events and ROAD running Half Marathon and Full Marathon!  Looking forward to a great weekend in beautiful Durango!  Also, there is a discount for all Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members!

Here is a video for a little enticement!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 Marathons or Half Marathons, in 5 Days, in 5 States - Road Trip Time so Gather your Friends!

Join in with all the crazy runners that will be traveling around doing the series!  OR take part in one!

They are coming to Lamar, Colorado March 21st which will be DAY 4 of their series!

Medal and T-Shirt for all.

$10.00 discount to each day (each event) for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members!

So get your friends together for a 5 day road trip and tackle 5 Marathons or Half Marathon, in 5 Days, in 5 States!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Equinox Half Marathon Discount to Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members

Announcing the new Equinox Half Marathon & 5 Miles races coming this September to a very fast course in beautiful Colorado!  Get your new personal record on this all-downhill, scenic course running along the Cache la Poudre River. Point-to-Point race is run entirely in the canyon where you can enjoy the beauty and fall colors along Colorado's only wild and scenic river. Enjoy a post-race party on private land at the base of the foothills complete with clean mountain air and locally sourced food and beverages. Space is limited.

Fifty States HALF Marathon Club official members also receive a discount to this event.

Fort Collins, Colorado September 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Have a Colorado Half Marathon Race Review? or Are you an Event Director or Event Organizer in Colorado?

Feel free to share with us your Half Marathon race reviews.

What to share?

Course description:  flat, hilly, rollers, scenic

Best moment of the race?

What could they improve on if anything?




Aid Stations?

Post Party entertainment?


Are you a Race Director or Event Organizer and want to improve your website for athletes?
Read the Article at this site
What do you Include on your Website?:  

Do you want to advertise your event on one of our State Pages at
 Half Marathon Calendar 2012 ?
We are running a special, advertise 2 consecutive months or longer and we'll give you the ad for only $100/month!!!!
Contact us for availability of the ad spot you'd like.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aspen Valley Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5k Event Announcement

The Aspen Valley Marathon, Half Marathon & 5k event will start at 7 am at Wagner Park in Aspen on Saturday July 7th, 2012 and follow the Beautiful Rio Grande Trail to Emma where athletes will cross Hwy 82 by the underpass and then run back into Basalt on the Town Trail. It is proposed (subject to permit) to start the Half at 8 am above Woody Creek this year (to avoid the initial climb out of Wilton Jaffee Snr. Park from the 2010 Half). A shuttle service will be provided to take Athletes from the Intercept Lot to the start of the Half in Woody Creek. Race numbers and waivers can be collected/signed on Thursday the 5th July from 5 to 7 pm at the Ute Mountaineer in Aspen or on Friday the 6th July from 5 to 7 pm from Independence Run & Hike in Carbondale. The organizers can transport 1 small sports bag per participant from the Start Areas to the finish area at the Lions Park in Basalt. The 5k will start in Basalt at 10am. There will be an event at the Lions Park with food, music and presentation of prizes at a 1pm after the Races.

The course profile has a significant elevation drop of some 1,400 feet, though this downhill profile may not seem so obvious over the 26 Mile Course. The event has applied to USATF to sanction the events again this year and it is anticipated that the Aspen Valley Marathon will be a “Boston Qualifying” Race.

Additionally, Fifty States HALF Marathon Club official members are eligible for a nice discount to the Aspen Valley event.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold Weather Training

Cold Weather Training
Article By: Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko RRCA Running Coach
November 3, 2011

Cold weather training requires a little extra planning and protection before you head out the door. Your body loses heat quickly in cold weather due to convection (heat loss due to motion), conduction (transfer of heat due to temperature changes), evaporation of moisture, and radiation (transfer of energy caused by the difference between skin temperature and ambient temperature). The right layers will protect you from the elements without weighing you down. Cold can take it toll on your performance and comfort. And frostbitten skin is always a risk. But if you take some simple precautions, you can maintain your mileage in anything weather winter bring your way.

The challenge in dressing for winter training is not only to keep the winter chill and wetness out, but to manage the heat and moisture your body produces as well. Even in subfreezing temperatures your body produces a lot of heat and sweat. You can produce up to two liters per hour when running. Water conducts heat away from your body 25 times faster than air – great in summer, but dangerous in cold temperatures. Staying dry under your layers is critical and can impact heart rate, as well as comfort, dryness, and warmth.

Here are some tips for dressing in layers:

First Layer

Forget cotton. It holds moisture next to your skin. Choose the new lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics that hold a very small percentage of their weight in moisture. Performance microfibers hold less than on percent of their weight in water compared to 17% wool or 8% cotton.

Second Layer

If you running in very cold weather, you may need a middle layer to trap the warmth your muscles generate. Choose a layer that produces maximum warmth with minimum bulk. Synthetic fibers have an advantage of staying drier than natural ones.

Outer Layer

Fibers have been developed that block the elements without trapping too much heat and moisture underneath. Look for waterproof fabrics that vent.

Hands and Head

Up to 40% of your body’s heat loss occurs from the head due to a large blood supply, extra surface area, and the mucus membranes of the nose and mouth. Choose thin microfiber hats and lightweight gloves liners for your hands.

Don’t forget your feet

Cotton is a bad choice for socks. Look for synthetic socks that won’t hold moisture and become packed down when damp.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Discount to Divas Half Marathon at Vail

Hey all you Divas! The popular Divas Half Marathon Series has now partnered with us to offer our official members a discount.

Check out the Divas Half Marathon in Vail Colorado taking place on August 21st 2011!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Discount to XTERRA Indian Peaks Triathlon

Become a member of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club and get great discounts, including a discounts to some of the popular Xterra events such as the scenic Xterra Indian Peaks Triathlon August 6th, 2011 in Eldora, Colorado!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Discount to the Middle Park Half Marathon in July in Colorado!

Become a member of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club and get great discounts, including a discount to this beautiful Middle Park Half Marathon high in the Rocky Mountains in July.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Colorado Half Marathons, Half Marathon Runners, Race Directors & Event Organizers

Hi Colorado Half Marathon Runners, Race Directors and Event Organizers.  Feel free to email us Half Marathon Race News and Stories to post on our blog.  To send news, articles or fun information, please send us which Half Marathon State Blog you'd like it posted in at   CONTACT US

Also if you'd like your event or any other discounts to be added to the official Fifty States HALF Marathon Club Member Discount List that goes out to all our members across the United States, please send your event, website link and race discount code to be added for our official members to use.  Our members like to choose from races on our discount list when they look at choosing a half marathon in your state.  Send to  CONTACT US  and in return we will help promote your event.

If your Half Marathon event is missing from the Half Marathon Race Calendar found at and would like to be added, please send the event date, name, and website link to   CONTACT US

Monday, March 22, 2010


Sunday, Apr. 11 Platte River Half Marathon & Relay Littleton, CO

Sunday, Apr. 18 Horsetooth Half Marathon Fort Collins, CO

Sunday, May 9 Colorado Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & 10K Fort Collins, CO

Sunday, May 16 Colfax Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay Aurora, CO

FOR LINKS to half marathons, we are currently working to update our half marathon calendar at Fifty States HALF Marathon Club

Monday, November 16, 2009

Share with us your favorite HALF Marathons in Colorado

Do you have a favorite half marathon in Colorado.  Share with us on our Colorado HALF Marathon Blog. For more information on membership or to view a race directory for Half Marathon races, or to join, please visit our website

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Denver Health and Fitness Expo at Convention Center Oct 16th, 17th. Come Say Hello! We will have a booth there!

We will have a booth at the Denver Health and Fitness Expo (which is also the location for packet pick up for the Denver Marathon and Half Marathon that takes place this Sunday October 18th! Come say hello!

Fifty States HALF Marathon Club

Sunday, October 11, 2009


ANNOUNCEMENT - ANNOUNCEMENT - ANNOUNCEMENT - WE ARE HAVING A DRAWING! FOR THOSE WHO JOIN Fifty States HALF Marathon Club MEMBERSHIP by November 1st 2009 (starting today), you will be entered into our DRAWING to win a $300 Gift card to a RUNNING STORE of YOUR CHOICE! Perfect for your new pair of shoes and all your running gadgets! You have until midnight Nov1st2009 to become a member and be entered into the drawing. Drawing will take place on November 2nd 2009, winner will be contacted immediately and posted on our website.

To become a member, please visit our Website and click on MEMBERSHIP. From the MEMBERSHIP Page, you can click on Start your challenge link and it will bring you to our Member Login page, and you can join there. Thanks!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HALF Marathon Runners and Race Directors in Colorado

Feel free to send favorite races, half marathon events, and anything and everything related to HALF Marathons in Colorado!

For Race directory of Colorado HALF Marathons, go to

If interested in taking on a 50 STATE CHALLENGE or a 100 HALF ANYWHERE CHALLENGE, please check out Fifty States HALF Marathon Club at