Friday, January 3, 2014

Colorado Surpasses 100 Half Marathons and Has Largest Growth of Any State in the USA

Colorado surpasses a total of 100 half marathons, and appears to have had the fastest growth in half marathon additions over the past year of any state in the United States.  After evaluation, totals appear to reflect Colorado even surpassed total growth over Texas and California, of total half marathons added over the past year!  With Colorado being such an active community, it is no surprise when it comes to growth in running events amongst the giant playground of trails and mountains in Colorado.

The most up to date, complete and accurate listing of Colorado half marathons on the web is the half marathon calendar, featuring search by state and search by month capabilities. The calendar of Colorado half marathons also features a symbol for trail running half marathon events, and has been working on implementing walker friendly symbols throughout the calendar, which will continue to roll out through 2014. The walker friendly races adhere to the new standard in the half marathon industry, supporting a 4 hour / 18:32 minute mile minimum to be officially considered walker friendly.  The races must be fully supported the full minimum of 4 hours, including the same road support and aid station support that the fast runners receive, to be “official walker friendly”.  Colorado is also leading the way with the biggest ratio of half marathons stepping up to support the walker friendly community and is currently one of the top states with walker friendly half marathons, including the trail running community!

Trail running half marathons have definitely been a popular addition to the growth of Colorado half marathons, which may be one of the leading factors in the increase.  Colorado is a popular destination for locals, as well as tourists, to take on some of the most challenging trail events.  Over the past year The Endurance Race Series, Colorado’s largest trail running series, added numerous trail half marathons to Colorado, and are also a supporter of the walker friendly community.  The Endurance Race Series offers several of the easiest trail half marathons, to the most mountainous, difficult, beautiful and brutal trail half marathons.  There are far too many great trail half marathons to list, but the trail symbol can help runners easily identify which half marathons are a trail event at

Colorado offers a range of flat city half marathons, to the most scenic mountain half marathons, in addition to quite a few very popular downhill half marathons in the mountains, some even within an hour drive of Denver. From the big annual Rock’n’Roll Denver, to some of the best run small to mid-size half marathons in Colorado communities, Colorado is gaining attention as a popular half marathon vacation land, even amongst clubs like Fifty States Half Marathon Club and its members.  In September or October of 2015, Fifty States Half Marathon Club is holding its annual member meet up and awards in the Denver / Boulder region at a “to be determined” half marathon event, and expects to have a turn-out of likely at least 200 of it’s members from all over the United States.  Colorado half marathon community is only starting to heat up!

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